The Media Studies department consists of three teachers: Mrs G Walters, Miss R Toon and Mrs R Fletcher; all three Media teachers also teach English and the two departments run closely alongside each other.

The Media is an increasingly important aspect of our lives and the Media department at Quarrydale are dedicated to enabling students to access and understand its influence on them as young people. We deliver a two year AQA GCSE course which develops research, analysis and creative skills. Independence is encouraged and students are given the opportunity to select a chosen genre and study their chosen texts. The course aims to give insight into the Media key concepts: Genre, Audience, Representation and Institutions while also providing the opportunity to develop practical skills using Adobe Photoshop.

Media Studies is offered as an A Level option and the GCSE course provides an excellent foundation for this. A Level students are expected to commit to studying a selection of texts from a recommended viewing list.



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