Modern Foreign Languages

In a world of multiculturalism, learning languages is essential to broaden pupils’ horizons and their understanding of the society they live in. French is taught at Quarrydale Academy from Year 7 through to Year 11, with the opportunity to study it at ALevel.


In 2016, 90% of pupils studying French at GCSE achieved A*-C with 54% of them exceeding their target grade.


Many trips to France have taken place in the last few years for pupils at Quarrydale. In Key Stage 3, they’ve had opportunities to travel to Lille to visit the Christmas market but also to spend a few days in Northern France where they enjoyed baking crêpes, a visit to a sea-life centre, sweet and chocolate factories, as well as a snail farm. Recently, Year 10 pupils got to travel to Normandy. There, they visited the cities of Le Havre and Bayeux and they learnt about cheese making.

International Day of Languages

On International Day of Languages, pupils have a taster lesson in either German, Italian or Spanish and other departments get involved which means pupils can experience multiculturalism through many different activities such as dancing, painting and cooking.

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