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KS3 (Year 7 and 8)

All pupils are tested on entry to Quarrydale in Year 7. This allows us to put them in sets according to their ability.

Therefore every pupil will get the necessary support to help them achieve their maximum potential. 

Pupils will follow a tailored scheme of work to help; consolidate knowledge gained in Key Stage 2 and then progress towards topics covered in Key Stage 4.

KS4 (Years 9 - 11)

Pupils will start their journey to GCSEs in year 9. They will be put in sets across the year depending on their Key Stage 3 results and will then follow either the Foundation or Higher scheme of work.

There is an overlap between the two schemes of work, so any pupil seen to be working and progressing well, has the potential to move up.

The new GCSE has a different grading system to before, see below for an approximate translation:

Old GCSE grade  A* A B C C/D D/E F G
New GCSE grade 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


After interview, some pupils have the option to take Maths and possibly Further Maths whilst at Sixth Form. They will follow a rigorous scheme of work to help them progress towards their final AS and A2 Qualifications. 



Every pupil in all Key Stages will be given regular homework tailored to their ability.

The homework is designed to give the pupils chance to; recap on prior learning and find areas of strength or need for improvement.

Formal Assessments

All pupils will also have regular formal assessments throughout the year to help assess their progress and identify any areas for improvement.

Pupils are expected to revise at home prior to a test to help them achieve their best possible score.

For links to recommended revision sites, please see the useful links tab.


2017/18 Assessment Schedule

Year Paper Week Commencing
7 1 27/11/17
2 (Calculator) 26/03/18
1 & 2 11/06/18
8 1 30/10/17
2 (Calculator) 05/03/18
1 & 2 04/06/18
9 1 13/11/17
2 (Calculator) 12/02/18
3 (Calculator) 18/06/18
10 1 06/10/17
2 (Calculator) 26/02/18
3 (Calculator) 25/06/18
11 Mock Exams (All 3) 20/11/17 & 27/11/17
Mock Exams (All 3) 12/03/18 & 19/03/18
12 Mock Exams  
13 Mock Exams  
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