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Business Studies is taught at Key Stage 4 & 5 (Years 10-11 & Years 12-13), by Miss Shone.


We currently offer GCSE Business Studies (Edexcel) to Key Stage 4 - this comprises 3 Units, Units 1 and 3 are examined at the end of Year 11 via a written exam, Unit is assessed via a controlled Assessment which students sit at the beginning of Year 11.


We currently offer a BTEC in Business Studies to Key Stage 5 - this comprises 6 units which are all assessed internally via assignments.


From 2017 both qualifications change.

GCSE Business Studies reduces to studying only 2 Units and both units are examined via a written exam, the controlled assessment is no longer apart of this qualification.

BTEC Business Studies reduces to only 4 units, however one of the units is now a written exam and one unit is an externally assessed written assignment, the remaining two units are internally assessed via assignments.